Time-Sensitive Networking

Design and development of real-time networks is our passion.

We support you in accelerating the development of time- and safety-critical distributed applications based on TSN technology.

TSN standards support the development and integration of distributed applications with different levels of criticality in an Ethernet-based networking infrastructure.

As a basis technology for Industry 4.0 and IoT, TSN helps to reduce heterogeneity of networking technologies and simplifies the development of distributed applications.

Discover TSN standards
Time Synchronization

Time synchronization plays a significant role in real-time communication and means that all network devices involved in a real-time application require the same time reference.

Traffic Scheduling

Scheduling and traffic shaping mechanisms enable the support of mixed-critical data streams with different priorities and requirements in terms of bandwidth and latency.

Seamless Redundancy

To support fail-operational and seamless redundancy for safety-critical applications, IEEE 802.1CB standard proposes the replication and elimination of frames.


The prerequisite for the successful commissioning of the network is a functioning and verified configuration of the network components. IEEE 802.1Qcc presents solutions.

About us


We are a start-up in the center of Munich and have years of experience in research and development of real-time systems and network architectures. We deal very intensely and passionately with time-sensitive networking and develop introductory education kits in cooperation with our partners. In addition, we develop tailor-made network prototypes and configuration tools for advanced applications.

Together with you, we want to be part of shaping the future of real-time communication using state-of-the-art research and technology.

Our Services

Based on your needs, we will design, build, and configure a prototype TSN network tailor-made for you, so that you can test your applications and make the optimal decisions before you invest time and money in large-scale projects.

Requirements Analysis

Before designing and developing a TSN network, a detailed analysis of your applications including functional and non-functional requirements is a must! This allows determining those TSN features (defined in IEEE standards) that are most relevant for your project. We will help you to achieve a tailored and efficient solution that saves unnecessary hardware and software costs.

Implementation and Configuration

After the successful requirements analysis and design of the network architecture, we implement a TSN network for you with the necessary hardware. We take over the network configuration work (switches and end-stations) and assist you in integration of your applications in the network.

Network Design and Traffic Planning

Using extendable graphical network models, we help you to concretize your initial ideas regarding network topology, data flows, and real-time requirements. We apply the AutoTSN’s modeling framework (TSN Designer) and offer you a unique approach to facilitate topology design and traffic planning that saves your time and money.

Learning by doing

You don’t want to invest in your own TSN setup, but want to get to know TSN technology theoretically and practically as a first step? Then take a look at our training courses, in which we discover TSN functionalities together through practical tasks with our education kits.

We are looking forward to your visit.

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Build and configure your first TSN network prototypes together with us!